Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Chocolate Kind of Day

Being "grown up" can be such a blessing...and a curse :P Our house is starting to show signs of its age. The last couple of days have been spent learning about the joys of plumbing and spending lots of unforecast money (this after already deciding to take the plunge about getting serious with my handspinning business!) it's driven me to Chocolate.

Chocolate firmly in hand, I'm learning how to contort myself in strange ways to fit under the kitchen sink so I can replace a faucet. I even had to buy a funny looking wrench for the job! The other major plumbing fiasco has professionals coming to fix it. Lets just say it involves a dreadful odor of something burning, a tripped breaker and no hot water.

Speaking of Chocolate, I highly recommend this stuff:

Especially the peanut butter variety. It's a perfect sweet and salty combination, as proclaimed on the bag - and it's like crack terribly addictive. Anyhow, enough "resting" in front of the computer. I have chocolate a faucet to tend to.


Bethany said...

We had to buy two funny looking wrenches from the same department a couple of months ago. Still cheaper than having the plumber replace the faucet. Definately the way to go when there's the smell of burning though. Good luck with the plumbing, and I can relate about the house sucking up your money. Ours seems to be doing the same. Chocolate helps you say? hmm...

Aushiker said...

The joys of plumbing. Do enjoy the chocolate and do try that 85% dark Lindt if you can get it. Might have to post a bar over to you ... it is very strong and bitter but also very good for you. It grows on you :-)