Monday, January 30, 2006

Cats on the Brain

Don't they look like twins?

Okay, maybe not completely...but humor me here!

Anyhow, the little cat is indeed inspired by the big handsome one. And I had to prove I could design other animals other than sheep (tho there is really nothing wrong with sheep :D)

This guy is easier to create than the sheep, in that he is created entirely of "regular" yarn, and the seaming didn't seem particularly challenging.

With some luck, I'll have a new creature added to my growing menagerie fairly regularly, but I'm not promising anything.

And in case you're wondering, the pattern is indeed up for sale in my shop.


Brooklyn Handspun said...

Oh how cute...both the big one and the little one look like my Gary!

Creative Genius? said...

that looks awesome!!! and totally twins!!! hey can you create a white fluffy dog too??

Oiyi said...

I like the sheep and the kitty. So cute!

myra said...

Cuute! They really do look like twins - or maybe a Mini-me.

Great yarn color choice.

renee said...

super cuteness!!