Monday, December 19, 2005

A wee bit of weekend baking

Yes, I do realize that the traditional sugar cutout cookies and gingerbread men are missing, my excuse is we've been hit by whatever bug is making the rounds - I'm up and moving with just a few sniffles and a cough that might be more related to the stagnant air and high pollution advisories, but I just didn't have the energy to do full out holiday cookie decorating madness (some of you might remember the time I was up until 3am decorating snowflake shaped sugar cookies...on a work night).

Anyhow, I did manage to get some holiday baking done - not enough to permeate me with the smell of butter, sugar and vanilla, so I am drawn to eating these. I've boxed up the majority of them to take to work tomorrow to get them out of the house. Bigger photo and a recipe can be found here.


Mel said...

Those swirls look especially delicious! I'm getting the itch to bake again this season!

Brooklyn Handspun said...

Ok, everytime I visit your blog I get hungry...I wonder why? Those cookies look amazing...hmm now I am in search of recipe I need to eat more cookies!

mariko said...

I had to THROW AWAY all the dough for the peppermint swirl cookies! The dough never came together. I'm guessing yours did? The only thing I can think is that I overprocessed the dough. So sad.