Wednesday, December 14, 2005

FO = Naked Needles!

The needles are naked!

But my feet aren't :) You're looking at my first ever socks - quite luxurious being made of a wool/soysilk blend yarn, but quite plain as they are simply stockingette with 2x2 ribbing for the cuff. Details and another photo here.

While I was away and waiting for the poll results of what I should cast on for next, I settled for a little bit of hooking and I've just got a little bit of assembly to complete. In case you're wondering what the outcome was, it appears the winner was the Fair Isle Pirates hat, tied happily with Spinning. Since I don't have the yarn for the hat, I will probably cruise my sock patterns, do a little swatching and see what socks I might be able to cast on for next while I hunt for Hauk (my most convenient LYS does not carry Hauk - they might have Heilo, but it's not teflon treated, which would be a big advantage for an outdoor hat).

Help me decide - what shall I cast on for next?

They Call Them Pirates Hat - yarn needed! 21%5
Miter Squares (for a blanket) - Cotton Ease Stashbuster 4%1
Socks! (pattern TBD) - Sock Yarn Stashbuster 17%4
Aran Sweater (I'm liking Irish Moss by Starmore) - Natural Wool Stashbuster 13%3
Kitty Pi Bed - Reclaimed Felting Yarn Stashbuster 8%2
Buttonhole Bag - Felting Wool Stashbuster 4%1
French Market Bag - Felting Wool Stashbuster 4%1
Minis (sweaters and socks) - ornaments for NEXT YEAR 0%0
Lace scarf - Doucer et Soie Stashbuster 8%2
forget the knitting, what happened to the spinning?! 21%5
24 votes total


Bleebo said...

Hey, sweet blog page! Definitely worth a bookmark.

If you want a really good laugh - These days people really don't get to laugh as much as they should.

Brooklyn Handspun said...

Great 1st pair of socks! I have an inkling you will become addicted to sock knitting as I have...bwahaha handknit socks for everyone!

Creative Genius? said...

The socks look terrific!!! Simply the perfect thing to keep your feet nice and warm!!

Good job!