Thursday, December 15, 2005

Non Traditional Holiday Baking

Well, nontraditional for me anyhow. Holiday Baking for me generally consists of cookies. Lots and lots and lots of cookies.

Somehow I'm off my game, and unless the mood strikes this weekend, the opportunity will have passed for my Holiday Baking Madness. Why is that? Well, mostly because I can't stand to have all those baked goods sitting around my house - once I've moved onto the 3rd or 4th batch of cookies, the smell of butter, sugar and vanilla generally keep me away from the goodies. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to that natural block yet, and I've got the increase at my waistline to prove it. In any case, 3 or 4 batches of cookies usually turns me off the butter and sugar for a while, so if I intend to go all out for a baking extravaganza, I need to make sure I have an outlet to off load all those cookies (or they will go to waste). And no matter how much I want to bake, I prefer my holiday time away from work :)

Anyhow, you know the drill :) I've compiled more info about those tasty little cupcakes over here.

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