Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Freezing Cold!

Seems the entire country is experiencing cold temps!

The good news is all my hand knits are getting used! Hooray!

Sadly, it seems I don't have that many hand knits that I can wear - I've given away a bunch of things (it turns out I don't actually own a handknit scarf of my own - I've gifted away all the ones I've ever knit!), and for a while, I was doing softies (3 penguins, catnip mice and 1 crochet kitty) most of which have all gone to new homes as well. The few cold weather knits that I have made have been worn - Ribby Cardi, Fuzzy Feet and Kepler!

In other news, my needles are now officially naked. Stay tuned for photos and details of the most recent FO! While I'm waiting for the poll to get populated, I've been spinning - I'm still trying to decide if that yarn will be left as singles or if it will be plied. If you haven't voted or left comments on what I should cast on for next, the poll is still open - go vote now (you can pick more than one! scroll to the bottom of this post to vote)

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