Friday, May 20, 2005

Bearly In Time!

Just in time to send off as a baby gift, this lavender baby set flew off the needles.

As usual, more details can be found here.

I made some changes to my camera settings between photos which is why the colors don't match up. The true color of the yarn is probably somewhere in between the photo on the left and the photo on my finished objects blog.

I don't normally play dress-up with my stuffed animals, but I had to try the outfit on *someone* and I had no babies on hand...and I was pretty well convinced that neither of my cats would stand for it!

Now that the emergency gift knitting is done, I can return my attention to the other five projects I have on needles. The problem is I seem to always work the projects I know I can get done the ones that take a longer time wind up languishing. Like poor Cozy - stuck in UFO land since last fall. I'm thinking I might need to take up a knitting rotation - knitting on a different project each night to space out the's that for a plan?

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