Monday, May 09, 2005

What an Angel!

Lookie what came in the mail last week from the amazing Maryellen! Twas an amazing box...stuffed to the brim!

Included in the box were the following fascinating items:

1 booklet: Learn to Knit Socks! (whoo hoo! I keep meaning to cast on for a pair of socks - and I have a pile of instructions off the internet printed and everything - but this booklet should prove to be most handy :D Love the purple ones with green toe and cuff with little dangly bits off it...and the Argyle ones are fabulous too!)

She also included a skein of Shanty Creek Blend handspun yarn from SOAR 2003 (Spin off Autumn Retreat) and a skein of Opal sock yarn to get me going.

In addition, there was: a small doll, primly dressed in a little blue gown and a festive hat and a pair of balls of Fun Fur in bright festive colors, for which to make a scarf or other fun fuzzy things out of :D

And last, but definitely not least, she included a cute card with a handsome cat licking his chops...a pair of fun books: the Thanksgiving Book and the Complete book of Traditional Aran Knitting...And finally several skeins of Kid Mohair...handspun! Pehaps handspun by Maryellen herself (she's a spinner, a quilter and an art doll maker...and she knits too! How talented!)

Of course, my husband thinks I'm nuts...not only could I not stop petting the mohair, I had to sniff it too. *sigh* I'm a yarn sniffer. Is this an odd affliction? I don't think so...I vaguely remember the Yarn Harlot mentioning something about sniffing yarn...or perhaps I'm attributing that to someone else...surely I'm not the only one!

In any case, that mohair, it's positively delightful...soft and fluffy, and still developing its halo. Can't wait to get it on needles...if I could just decide what to make of it...suggestions anyone?

Thank you so much, Maryellen, you've spoiled me!

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illanna said...

I'm working on the argyle socks from that book now. I am making them out of cascade fixation in the colors of my old blog skin. It's a different pattern than most socks, but fun. I sent that booklet to my secret pal, also. It's a good one.