Friday, May 27, 2005

So Neglectful...and Such a Novice!

Cripes. Only 2 posts this week. How dreadful! I'll have to work on that!
The good news is finished objects have been flying off the needles...I'm down to three projects on needles now - one of which is a test knit and nearing completion. It's been fun and mindless to work on - tis a felt bag knit out of Karaoke - photos and comments will come as it gets closer to completion.

Regarding my being a novice - my thanks to Bethany for pointing me in the direction of a Niddy Noddy to wind up my reclaimed sweater! I just need to get myself to Home Depot sometime to get goin! Right now, I've been making do with magazines. The natural/checkerboard sweater has been dissected into its componant parts, and have confirmed that my cats happen to love it and it's sheepy smell - guess what's in store? A Kitty Pi Bed! Sadly, the unraveling isn't going so fast - I've discovered that the entire sweater was knit double stranded...and stupid me, I started separating the strands, and am determined to continue doing so....though I should probably just give up and skein it up double stranded since that's how I'm going to have to knit the Kitty Bed anyway.

In other Novice News, Anyone know how to block a sweater once it's been washed? I've got a silk sweater that I handwashed and draped to dry - and it's puny needs a severe blocking - but I have no blocking board and all my other blocking has been done pre-assembly!

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Chris said...

You should be able to wet the sweater and lay it flat on a towel to block. Spread it out into the shape you want, use a measuring tape to get to size if you need to, just like blocking parts. It usually stays in place well enough to dry in the right shape. I block all my stuff after assembly.