Tuesday, May 24, 2005

How ya feelin'?!

Record heat here in the southwest, and I must be nuts, because I'm busy playing with Wool. :)

Who knew that a wool sweater could absorb so much water?! I attempted to handwash my two bulky sweaters in the bathroom sink - only to have to move them to the bathtub since each sweater was more than enough to fill the sink entirely on its own! I first noticed that both sweaters had excess dye in the yarns as the water quickly changed color to match. The second thing I noticed was just how heavy the sweaters became once fully wet! I couldn't believe it! Even with the arid heat of the desert, the sweaters have taken days to dry - and I haven't even unraveled them yet (and they will likely be subject to another dampening to get rid of the kinks in the yarn) I now feel for poor sheep stuck in the rain. Finally, I noticed that my bathroom smells an awful lot like a wet sheep.

I haven't quite figured out how to manage the yarn once I unravel it - does anyone have suggestions on how best to wind it into hanks? I'll probably try winding the yarn into a bunch of balls in series - each connected to the next, as I can't bear the thought of cutting the yarn just so I can wind it into a ball...Stay tuned, I'll be sure to post photos once my work is done!

Oh. And sorry bout that dark photo down there in the Bearly in Time entry - I probably should have used my ButterCream bear as a model instead of my Dark Chocolate one - since you can't really tell it's a bear my external monitor. *sigh* it looked fine when I edited the photo - monitor difference strikes again!


Bethany said...

I use a niddy noddy. I made it out of pvc pipe. I could take a picture and upload it to my online files and post the link, but I might be too lazy for that. Super easy to find if you just google "pvc niddy noddy". Before I made my niddy noddy, I use my level. It's about two feet long, two inches wide, and an inch thick, and I may like the way it worked better than my new niddy noddy even. The jury's still out on that one. I need to use the niddy noddy more to decide. Have I used the phrase "niddy noddy" enough? It has lost it's meaning.

Sarah said...

Should I ask how you know what a wet sheep smells like? :)