Monday, May 16, 2005

Yow, time flies!

Today marks Seven Years of wedded bliss :D
Incidentally, seven years happens to be the Wool anniversary - and guess what I got!

Yarn management tools! I now have a birch swift and a happy ball winder - hooray! And just in time too, now that I have those sweaters to recycle!


Michelle said...

Happy 7th Anniversary!

Chris said...

Happy anniversary! It's good that you have a thoughtful hubby that gets you the yarn tools you need!

I inherited a ball winder from my mom and recently bought a swift. I did without the swift for a long time, but now I am happy to have both to work as a team. :-)

Creative Genius? said...

Happy Happy!!! 7 years is awesome... and how nice that he knows what presents make you happy!

Sarah said...

Yay! Happy anniversary!

(Sorry it's so belated...)