Friday, May 06, 2005

Knit Intarsia like a Pro!

With KnitPro! (a cool tool and with a mission too! Down with sweatshops!)

No, I haven't cast on for an Intarsia project, but I'm closer now that I know I can convert custom images effortlessly into knitting charts...that and it seems I'm just about set to become a two-fisted knitter :D I've been working up a swatch in SWTC's Oasis yarn, and while I'm not super fast knitting continental, I can certainly knit at a respectable speed :) Oh yeah...what's the swatch for? I'm going to be a Bad A** knitter and be the boss of my knitting...I'm going to attempt to tweak the pattern for the Ribbon X-Back Tank and see how it is no small tweak and will require a fair amount of math...but I'm hoping to be successful. Wish me luck - I can use all the help I can get :D

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Creative Genius? said...

Hey its Alison - can you call me if you get this message on Sat.. 480-726-2495 I am trying to make Dulche De Leche and I have a question... Thanks!