Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sticky Fingers...

...are the worst when trying to knit!

No, I have more sense than to try to knit while eating - and much more respect for my knitting to subject it to gooey's just the fact that with temperatures now exceeding 100 degrees down here in the desert, I can't help but have semi-moist hands. Even with the air conditioning going. And a fan. It's wreaking havoc with my tension as I like to keep the strand of yarn wound around my pinky for tension control...but with the semi-damp hands, the yarn is not feeding smoothly through my hands. Any suggestions?

I've taken to knitting continental for most of my knitting - mostly to get myself good and proficient at it. I can do most things with equal proficiency knitting continental or english style - with the exception of binding off and passing slipped stitches over. If anyone has any tips, they would be most appreciated :)

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