Friday, April 15, 2005

Yeek! I've Sprung a Leak!

*sigh* much to my horror and dismay, I had a rude awakening early this morning....I stretched out, and my toe landed in a cold moist spot at the foot of the bed. My first thought was "ew. why is the foot of the bed wet?!" The second thought was "crap. WHY is the foot of the bed WET?!" So, in my groggy state, I got up, turned on the lights, put on my eyeballs (glasses - all the better to see with, my dear) and stripped the bed. My poor husband thought I was possessed. Until he saw how the linens were damp. Turns out the corner of my waterbed has sprung a leak. Of course it would have to be the corner...the most difficult place to patch. And of course, I don't have a patch kit in the house for the waterbed...I was thinking of installing a Therm-a-Rest patch in its place, but all those patch kits require a hot bond glue, which I was not willing to apply to the water bed. Now I'm in search of a Vinyl Repair kit for waterbeds. Any suggestions?

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