Friday, April 01, 2005

Spring has Sprung!

Keep the Frogs at bay and install a Lifeline today!

...a tip, to keep your knitting out from your list of spring "cleaning"...

:D One thing that I do occasionally, especially after my various trials and tribulations with Lace Knitting, is to install a Lifeline at regular intervals in my work. It's basically a piece of scrap yarn or string that is threaded into a know, just in case I have to rip my lace back. The funny thing is, since I started doing this, it seems it's working to keep the frog pond from forming....and anything that keeps the frog pond from forming is a good thing in my book :D Anyhow, the way it works is if you *do* have to frog back, it prevents all your stitches on the row with the lifeline from getting all wacky and makes it easy to pick the stitches back up and start anew - how great is that! Especially fantastic for lace that has pattern knitting on both right and wrong sides (as opposed to lace knitting that alternates pattern knitting on the right side with purling all stitches on the wrong side). While I use brightly colored contrasting yarn, I hear dental flosses - especially the plastic ribbon kind - glide effortlessly through knitting, making removal a piece of cake with a smooth quick tug.

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