Sunday, April 17, 2005

a Redeeming Weekend

After a week of franticness ending with my waterbed fiasco (now patched, thanks to vinyl repair goo, and yes, that's the technical term) the weekend offered a very nice respite.

It started out wonderfully with a stop at the local massage school, where miracle of miracles, I managed to hit it on one of the weekend's they weren't running a promo! Why so pleased, you ask? The weeks they don't run promos are nice and slow, meaning the wait isn't long, and there is a high probability of getting a bonus massage out of the visit - and indeed, that's just what happened. Less than 20 minutes wait time combined, and I got two fifty-minute massages for the price of one!

Nice and relaxed, I headed off to Coffee Talk for a brief meetup with some Arizona Craftsters - nothing like seeing what others are working on to get the creative juices flowing! After the Craftster get together, Chris and I had to go check out Penzey's! That's right - the local Penzey's is now open for business! Having never actually visited a Penzey's in person before, this is quite the place to experience - it's in a small, unassuming location - but don't let that fool you. As soon as you open the door, you can smell the lovely scent of spices...speaking of which, all the stuff in the catalog is available in the store - but with the bonus of actually being able to sniff them to your heart's content (a small volume of the various spices are kept in an easy to open jar with the product for sale just for this purpose!) to aid in your decision making process!

The weekend was wrapped up with my kitchen smelling of warm chocolate as I baked up a batch of coffee & kaluha spiked brownies (all the better to bribe co-workers with ;) )

Oh...and I finished the center panel of Mariposa while I was at it!

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illanna said...

I had a hankering for Kahlua spiked brownies after our meetup also! I love the booties you made. SO CUTE!