Sunday, April 24, 2005

Patisserie Wannabe

I continue to delude myself into thinking I want to be a pastry chef. Granted, bar cookies and drop cookies do not qualify as fancy high-brow pastries, but they sure taste good. And equally important, they satisfy my need to play in the kitchen.

Not to mention my sweet tooth :)

Just what are the goodies? Well, I had to figure out another way to use my Dulce De Leche, so the first item pictured are Dulce de Leche Brownies. The next are a crisp butter cookie with a mystery ingredient. And finally, we have Double Deckers, tweaked to include coffee and kahula in the brownie layer. It was a sugar high weekend filled with the scents of butter, sugar and vanilla.


illanna said...

Yum!! Who eats all your pastries?

Raquel said...

Seems I wasn't the only one playing in the kitchen this weekend. The dulce de leche brownies look awesome!

Chris said...

Yummity yum yum! you baked lovelies sounds wonderful. My kitchen is a total disaster after yarn dying experiments Wednesday and Thursday, liver cleanse concocting on Friday, and Passover cookie making on Saturday. I worked on Sunday, so I need to clean tonight!