Saturday, April 02, 2005

Why is it...

...that every time I go out of town on Business Travel, my car has a fit?

The last time, it was the battery - plus tires that didn't last as long as they were supposed to - and a bad high pressure hose. This time? Just before I get ready to head out, the Check Engine light comes on. Oh goody. That means I get to go to the Dealer to have it checked out and put up with the condescending Service "Advisors". Can someone please explain to me whey it seems that the majority (definitely not all, but a very large portion of them in any case) of these so called Service "Advisors" seem to not comprehend that a woman is capable of understanding how semi-complex machinery works?!

Anyway, I'm hating the fact that I live in a city where it is nearly impossible to get anything done without a car. Its times like this that I miss living in a place like Boston :P I'm doomed to canceling my weekend plans because I don't have any wheels! *sigh* I guess I'll have to work on Mariposa lol!

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Eva said...

I hear you on the car thing. Mighty frustrating!