Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sing...Sing Along...

And just what does yarn have anything to do with singing? Quite a bit when it looks like that and with a name like Karaoke :)

Fear not, I have not jumped off the yarn diet - tho quite frankly, the sales going on at PurlSoho are mighty tempting - Blue Sky Alpaca at 30% off?? and Noro at 40% off?! Already weak from resisting the strong lure of the sale, I brought my Mariposa in to SouthWest Trading Company for inspection and possible reward, and resolved to not accept any new test knitting...but the lure of Karaoke proved to be too much to resist.

Jonelle proved to be more than generous, rewarding me with a bag of Bamboo (in a glorious Red) for my work on Mariposa (who will become famous, traveling as a display piece on roadshows, I hear). Apparently, that fantastic cone in the photo was newly arrived and is of a yarn that is scheduled for debut in June at the The National NeedleArts Association Summer show (in 10 variegated and 10 solid color schemes!). Trapped by its lovely hues and silky softness (50% soysilk, 50% wool), I accepted the cone to turn some of it into an airy quick-to-knit scarf (yes, I accepted another test knit - but it's a quick one this time!). The reward? I get to play with the remainder of the cone...If there is enough of it, I am thinking of turning it into a Sophie Bag. Looking for a closeup? Lookie lookie:

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Chris said...

That yarn looks and sounds yummy!