Monday, October 04, 2004

Photo Frustration

First: Yes, I am aware of the fact that my photos are screwy. The photo hosting service (Flickr) that I am making use of is having some DNS issues and are working hard to resolve the problem. I guess that's what I get for being cheap and not hosting my own darn photos. Worry not, if they don't display properly now, they'll be back up later...or so I've been assured!

The weekend was plenty productive with my BabyQ getting its grate (cast iron) seasoned as I baked goodies for an upcoming hiking trip...after all, it seemed a real shame to fire up the oven just to bake some cast iron. What did I make? Some tasty traveling cookies called "ANZACs" (sorry, I forgot to take photos) and some journey bread that I jokingly call Lembas bread - but it's really called Logan Bread - very dense, and nearly indestructible from what I hear. What can I say, it was an experiment...and since I don't typically eat hiking food unless I'm out hiking, you'll have to wait to hear how it turned out.

On the knitting front, I started a mystery item, recipient yet to be determined :) it's going quickly as it knits up fast...the yarn is Paton's Allure, and it feels oh so snuggly! I took it with on our road trip up to Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary this weekend. Made the trip up to view the sanctuary and donate some items. They're a small organization that is doing good work for a large variety of animals. Consider adding them to your charitable contribution list...the smaller organizations often don't draw the same attention as the larger ones, but at the same time, they can often use the donations more effectively in some cases due to less overhead.

And for the curious, here are some photos of my finally finished modified French market bag. It isn't really lopsided like that on the bottom, that's an artifact of my putting a non-symmetrically shaped object inside to try to facilitate photo taking.


Anonymous said...

Your modified French Market bag looks great! I especially love the colors. It makes me want to get Raquel's pattern out and start it right away! I'll just have to ignore the fact I have 4 WIPs and am on a budget imposed yarn diet...


Anonymous said...

Your bag is AWESOME! I love the colors-- just beautiful! My bag is in holding pattern mode until I get more "Festivus" gifts made.

Anonymous said...

The earlier comment was from Amy in AZ! as well as this one! Darn Post page!!!