Saturday, October 23, 2004

C is for Cookies!

It was a busy day today...while I was knitting (diligently working on my UFO - the Trio Knit Bag) I was watching PBS....and got sucked into a show about cookies....So. I managed to get the i-cord trim done on the top of the bag, and them promptly abandoned my knitting for some serious time in the kitchen....and I must say, it smells WONDERFUL!

I decided to bake three different types of cookies this afternoon. And to make best use of my oven, I started with the ones that took the lowest temperature ... Mocha Chocolate Chip cookies from Mrs. Fields Cookie Book. I did deviate slightly from the recipe and melted the butter in order to obtain a chewier cookie - usually when I bake these, the cookies come out crisp. Yum...even tastier with vanilla ice cream.

Next were my husband's favorite cookies - also from Mrs. Fields Cookie Book. They are Maple Cinnamon Swirl cookies. Rather than cutting the butter in by hand, I made the dough in a food processor. They came out flaky and tender...and also very very tasty. Tip: Use dental floss to cut the slices from the chilled dough - it keeps the cookies together and round too!

And finally, the cookies that started the whole thing...These cookies were being made on PBS during the cooking show I was watching - America's Home Cooking, I think. I didn't catch the official name of the cookies, but I'm calling them Peanut Butter Magic Middle cookies. They've got a special surprise baked right inside. A bit of care is required to get the magic middle from oozing out, but I seem to have got the trick down.

Now then. Back to my knitting....


Raquel said...

Yum. I'd love to get the recipe for the mocha chocolate chip cookies. :) And is the magic middle chocolate by any chance?

Anonymous said...

THREE BATCHES in one day? You are a maniac! I have made those peanut butter surprise things! I put miniature Snickers in mine. Yum yum.

Anonymous said...

Great. I was all set to do something like clean the house or write or otherwise be productive, and now I'm forced to go make a batch (or two) of cookies. Preferably something pinwheely that I can cut with dental floss, but probably just plain old chocolate chip instead. Thanks a lot.


illanna said...

Wow those cookies look delish! I make these chocolate cookies that have a mini reeses peanut butter cup inside them.

Anyway, I was wondering where you got your trio yarn for the bag from? I have been obsessed with a capital O over that tote bag. Can you post pics of your progress? Do you like working with that yarn? Does it make a sturdy bag??