Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I've been Spammed!

I can't believe it. My blog was spammed. Have people no shame? Posting spam to people's blog comments?! Good grief. At least keep it topic related for cripes sake.

Now that I'm all riled about spam, I'll also say I'm really annoyed at the politicians. All this ridiculous mud slinging, name calling and labeling. One would think it's a bunch of mean-spirited children! Thank goodness the race is coming to a close. One week and counting. I can't wait.

alright. On the knitting front (a much more soothing topic, unless I have to frog something...but that can be therapeutic too) I've gotten past the bobbles on the bobble eared mouse. I think my next mouse may well be done flat, I think I'd rather seam than deal with small rounds on dpns.

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