Friday, October 08, 2004


Those crazy guys at JibJab are at it again! They've gone and made another political cartoon for this hotly contested election. Since I have the (mis) fortune to live in a contested state, I need all the amusement I can get.

On the knitting front, I cast on for Cozy last night, frogged it once, and restarted. I'm still not decided as to whether it's working out with this yarn. Stay tuned and find out. As usual, I'm not following the yarn called out in the pattern - but I've had this yarn in my stash that I bought and just don't know quite what to do with. I decided to try it out and find out. The yarn is finer gauge/weight and is very loosly spun, so it's been an adventure working with it. *sigh* we'll see...worst case is it goes back in the stash and becomes something else :D

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