Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Let that be a lesson.

I do it for all my other work. Well, mostly anyway. Why I didn't do it for my blog, I have no idea. Back up your work. I've now got an offline copy of my various links etc so I can restore my sidebar relatively painlessly if this ever happens again. Luckily the content was if that would really matter ;)

If you haven't seen it already, the creators of Tako the Octopus are coming out with a book! No wonder Tako has been on hiatus! Incidentally the book isn't about Tako. It's about fish. That'll do. I'll be looking forward to seeing it once it actually makes an appearance :D

On the knitting front, that mystery fuzzy ruby/sapphire project is coming along fast and I imagine I'll be casting it off soon. I'm thinking I might need to knit something for myself....I'm thinking either Cozy or Shimmer...neither of which I need to buy new yarn for (my goodness...using actual yarn from my stash! Could it be true?!!)

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