Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Feelin' Froggy...Ribbit Ribbit!

Well, the one cool thing about rain in the southwest is it brings the frogs out. We were off hiking in the Grand Canyon with some drizzly weather and in addition to some other cool wildlife (bighorn and condors), we spotted lots and lots of tiny frogs like this little fellow.

Speaking of frogs, I've been having issues with Cozy. First I started out with some lovely blue yarn from Paton's (Beachcomber) but it just wasn't working out - the yarn is DK weight, and kind of nubby and textured...and it just wasn't agreeable at all. So...I had to add to my stash. I'm making a Cozy for the car, so I'm now working up the pattern...for the third time. Yes, the *third* time. Cozy, for me anyway, is not mindless knitting what with all the yarnovers and whatnot....Luckily I wasn't too far in before I discovered this. I'm becoming quite the expert at balling yarn though!

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