Friday, October 01, 2004

He knows me too well...


My husband knows the true way into my heart....why is that you ask? He brings me devices that can belch flame and fuel to run them :D I'm now the proud owner of a Weber Baby Q...In addition to my other weekend activities, I'll be seasoning the grates and preparing this lil thing for use. Since Raquel and Chad couldn't move their propane tanks up to Oregon, I've even got a spare tank to hook up to this new addition.

Well. In addition to bringing me fire to fuel my pyro tendancies (ask me about my camp stove collection sometime), Todd brought me an AJ's signature Fruit Tart....mmmm....shortbread crust, pastry cream and lucious fruit! Yum!

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Raquel said...

Happy belated birthday Steph! (from a fellow pyro and knife afficionado). Got to PDX safely and just bought a new Global (have you seen the knives in corporate housing lately?). Chad decided a new Global was worth not going to the ER w/ a laceration....:)