Thursday, May 03, 2007

a Duck in the Desert?

While I have indeed seen mallards and herons and other waterfowl (even a misplaced pelican!), I had thought this was more of a recent thing with the "developed" waterways out here.

Apparently, there were indeed ducks, or something that looked an awful lot like a duck out here a long time ago, as there is a petroglyph of one out here.

I will admit, this is the only duck petroglyph I've ever seen. It is certainly unique and different. Incidentally, out of all the other petroglyphs in the area, this was the only duck or bird that I saw.

More interestingly, the duck wasn't on its own - it's actually a part of a panel of petroglyphs that feature a human-like figure, along with at least a pair of deer. I say at least a pair because there seems to be a faint deer in the background that I really didn't notice when I took the original photo. I admit it was difficult to really see the panel very well as the sun shining strongly on it, making it so I nearly missed it completely!

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