Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blue Baudelaires...and yarn for sale

Look! Finished objects! And only ripped and redone once ;)

Knit from yarn left over from my Swallowtail. Full details, as usual, are available over here at the Finished Objects Blog

While I'm directing you hither and yon, I should also mention I did list the Tropical Sea yarn in the shop, but I apparently forgot to activate it. Oops. It's there now for the taking ;)

There are a total of three skeins available, 2 in a DK weight (linked above) and one in sport weight.

While I'm showing yarn for sale, don't forget to check the Stash Redistribution Blog...there is a bunch of stuff over there.
-SWTC Gianna, Karaoke, Pagoda, Melody,Optimum and Optimum DK and Twize
-Skacel Fuego
-Reynolds Lite Lopi
-Heirloom Aristocrat
-Cascade 220
-Berocco Uxbridge Tweed
-and a bunch of others.

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