Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Baa Baa Black Sheep...Have You any Wool?

Yes ma'am, yes ma'am way more than three bags full!

In addition to getting in a whole slew of new products last month, from wonderful bamboo tools for knitting and crochet as well as for your kitchen to wonderfully soft merino wool yarns from Malabrigo to an adorable postcard that features a little lamb on yarny hills - it's perfect to use to send greetings or thanks to another yarn lover - mail it as a postcard, or pop it in an A5-sized envelope!

Of course, in addition to hunting down new product, I wouldn't have been doing my job if I wasn't keeping up with the dyework ;) I've been getting a workout moving the dyepot around, and the house has been filled with the smell of wet vinegary sheep. The dust-bunnies and fur-balls from the cats blowing their coats have been joined by bits of wool (my poor vacuum cleaner has been earning its keep!)...and the shop has been updated.

In case you're wondering, this last update was the biggest one yet...with over twenty-two pounds of fiber being dyed. Any guesses as to how many trader joes bags that is? Well, I already gave away the fact that it's quite a bit more than three...I will admit that the bins I currently have for storing skeined yarn and prepared fibers are not sufficient to contain it all. The bins are full to overflowing, and I've had to do up some make-shift containers to hold it all in an organized manner...now of I could only figure out how to use all this yarn to add to the insulation of my house ;)

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So...Any guesses?

Well, if you guessed seven, then you're way better at estimating that I was :) And yes, there is one whole bag of newly dyed spinning fibers in addition to all that yarn!

Cruise over to the shop to check it all out!

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