Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stitch n Pitched

Well, all in all it was quite a good event. I have to say thanks to the folks from Southwest Trading Co for helping to make it possible and also to Fred and Terry at Tempe Yarn and Fiber (and the Diamondbacks too, of course) for a great event. I hear over 1000 Stitch n Pitch tickets were sold, and there were people learning to knit before the game courtesy of Purl in Tucson - Fiber Factory was there in force, and I got to meet and chat with Lisa T who does lovely handspinning work and can be seen at the Phoenix Market on the weekends. I had a good time showing off my wares and pointing people to Tempe Yarn and Fiber.

Ever wonder what my inventory looks like packed up for a "show"?

Well, wonder no longer. The CD spindle is for scale - but in the monstrous black bag was something like 16 batts and my entire inventory of handpainted yarn. It felt like I was lugging around an entire sheep :P The basket is full of skeins of handspun yarn. It was definitely an experience, and I've learned a thing or two about packing for a "show". Clearly I'm going to need to solicit assistance if I ever intend to participate at a fiber show...


Anne said...

Hi, Stephanie!

I was there last night and it's the first time I've heard of your yarns and I'm in love with them. I tried to get back over with some cash, but the game ended too soon! I'll be ordering from you, definitely. My friend was with me and she was a knitting newbie and I think the idea of working with your yarn someday has piqued her interest. :)

eyeknit4u said...

Stephanie, wow that was so cool to see you last nite.. and i'm glad you could do it.. and i love that I know Anne! that had written you the other comment earlier today.. she was the one that started the SNB in Mesa that i actually went to i think the nite before i met you .. or maybe it was the following week.. oh that is right it was the following one.. anyway i'm sorry it was a short visit! hugs Karola