Monday, September 25, 2006

Fancy Photos

mmm..fiber...(some of which can be purchased at the shop! yes, I've restocked a couple handpainted rovings!)

As you can likely tell, this photo has been highly manipulated - but since I haven't posted much in the way of fibercraft, I thought I might post this photo while also telling you about a cool bit of software!

If you struggle as I do with high contrast photos sometimes, this software is a godsend - and it can make for some hyper-realistic photos. I'm not affiliated, I'm just a happy individual who has lost a fair bit of time looking at tone mapped photos and playing with different exposures - my cats aren't amused.

Training update? Sure! I ran my first 20 minute non-stop run over the weekend, and didn't keel over :) that's certainly progress! Granted, I still need to graduate to outdoors running and continue to improve my conditioning, but things are coming along nicely I think. As for the fundraising, only $90 separates me from having to wear a tiara while running in addition to all the pinkness. Care to donate?

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Creative Genius? said...

Did you buy the software or are you just using the free version?