Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm on Fire!

Remember that?

Well, it's done. It took all of 2 days and a bit - not 48+ hours, but whatever time I spent working on it over the course of 2 days and a morning of travel. Way faster than anticipated, but that's big needle lacework for you :)

Care to see what it actually looks like and find out more?

Head over here for the details!


Bonnie said...

The close-up is gorgeous! I love it. Sadly, I have only done small-ish needle lace work and it soooo slow. My hats off to you for fast and fun lace work.

Caroline said...

What beautiful lace work.! I agree with the comment on your larger picture, that the yarn and your pattern don't compete as I have noticed sometimes happens when you have such luscious yarn.