Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Not getting your daily dose of Fiber?

Well, fall must be in the air because I'm spending more and more time with the Wool, even though it's still breaking 90's F out down here...

Most recently, I've been spending lots more time with my spinning - and just handblending fibers as I go.

This is a pair of skeins in mixed wools - in a colorway I call Pine Forest.

A closer-up photo is available here

In other news, the training is officially re-started, and it appears people are at least somewhat interested in seeing me run my Virgin Race 1) in pink and 2) in a skirt.

I'm at 20% of the fundraising target - care to contribute? Go here. Proceeds benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

1 comment:

eva said...

If *I* can wear pink, you can wear pink. :)

I wish I could donate more, but I'm trying to stick as close to my budget as possible. In any case, good luck, and I know you'll do well!