Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the Squid ate my Eggplant

...among other things.

Here at Half Baked, we seem to be troubled with minor technical difficulties....
First, yahoo groups is misbehaving, delivering messages all out of whack. It makes for wonderfully disjointed reading. Next, my email for my volunteer job kept wanting to do maintenance and kept logging me out (gotta love web based mail!) and finally, it seems I can't get into a couple sites from work today - one of them is SuperEggplant and I'm dying to find out what books she fetched from Kinokuniya (sadly bloglines truncated the entry, thus the tantalizing knowledge of a new craft book found...but which one?! Oh the curiosity is tremendous!) and it's not letting me into my volunteer webmail either. Both are returning various errors...but I've verified it is *just me* that seems to be affected. My computer has been rebooted, given a stern lecture and a time out, all to mostly no avail...after several tries using multiple browsers, I was finally successful in getting into my webmail using FireFox...but sadly, SuperEggplant's doings remain a mystery, a victim to a 113 no route found error.

Oh, and what's up with the Squid you ask? Beats me, I'm not IT savvy, but from what I can gather, it refers to this squid.

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mariko said...

Hey! My blog was down. Something about the web server. My brother fixed it, though, supposedly.