Monday, October 24, 2005

Dreadfully Remiss

I've been terrible at keeping track of the food goings on, but recent posts on my favorite foodie blogs have reminded me that I've just missed out on two fun IMBB events: Sugar High Friday (featuring dark chocolate, my favorite!) and the original Is My Blog Burning (this last one featuring souffles - not as intimidating as you might think)! IMBB is currently experimenting with Technorati rollups, so the unofficial results are available for perusal while the host does the manual rollup. Incidentally I also missed out on a new IMBB event, Cooking the Old Fashioned Way, AKA Disaster Preparedness which sounds like something I should be reasonably good at - especially considering how tricked out I am in terms of outdoor equipment, which I presume, I would grab in the event of a disaster. Ah well, go check em out :) you'll be glad you did!

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