Friday, October 21, 2005


Some might argue I'm bonkers, but that's okay.

While I continue to churn away on Cozy (yes, I'm still working on Cozy, and I'm not allowing myself to cast on for anything else until that darn FO is finally finished!), and my experimental Karaoke Socks, I am also unspinning some yarn. That's right, unspinning. In my box of fantastically fluffy merino and angora were some balls of spun (but not yet set!) yarn - Because they are a bit slubby and aren't of the same thickness I would spin, I've decided to try to unspin the yarn to reclaim the far so good, and I'm getting some lovely pencil-roving like lengths. I'll probably bundle a couple lengths together when I respin it so I have more fiber to work with to set the thickness as I see fit.

As for Cozy, we had a little chat - she's agreed to be 1 skein shorter than planned, I've agreed to knit her til she's done. As for what's happening with the other skein, I think I'm going to cast on for one of the Sandal Socks by Anna Zilboorg - after all, the yarn is worsted weight, and if I remember, her gauge is 6 stitches to the inch! Perfect, and close enough to an instant gratification project for me!

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Maryellen said...

Hi Stephania:

Just tell your husband the tencel was free. Who could pass up free fiber. I don't care how big my stash gets. After all once I die I won't have to clean it up.