Thursday, October 13, 2005

Singles Anyone?

Incidentally, you can click on that photo for a gratuitously large shot of singles...

I'm so are looking at three bobbins full of singles I've spun :) A total of 10 ounces of blue faced leicester space dyed (not by me, I bought it that way) roving converted into fingering weight singles. Because I personally have not had much luck knitting with singles that thin, I plan to ply these up - 2-ply most likely, as I've not had much luck at all with Navajo plying (3-ply to keep the colorway intact) - I made a right mess the last time I tried that.

It is possible that the yarn is knittable as is (well, once the twist is set anyway) since I have a tendency to over spin, but I figure why risk the frustration? Once plied, I will likely offer the lot up for sale, as individual 2 ply skeins. While they all came from the same roving, the way they were split, some sections had more blue and purple and some sections had more pinks. Stay tuned for plied results!

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