Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Fantastic ROAK

While I'm not an official member, I've been ROAK'd none the less. What is a ROAK? It's a random act of kindness. And I'm one of the multitudes of recipients of the ROAK planned by Elizabeth of My Favorite Things. After collecting all kinds of recipes from various knit bloggers, she formatted them, printed them up and bound them into a spiral bound book...272 pages of favorite recipes from various knit bloggers! She then proceeded to send a copy to each of the contributors! My copy arrived last night, and I've been perusing it for dinner ideas since then. Thanks Elizabeth!

You may notice the sidebar has been updated to include the various things I'm selling off. Please do contact me if you're interested in any of it. I'll probably keep it listed on my blog for a bit before taking it off to Ebay to try my luck there. I suspect various items will make an appearance as we actually go through our house and start clearing things out.

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Bethany said...

What's Patons Beachcomber like? I couldn't find it anywhere online. Do you have pictures/yardage info/etc? Thanks!