Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bunny on the Brain

This morning, as I was headed out to my car I spotted a bunny in the driveway! The cottontail community must be getting healthy as I've been spotting rabbits in the neighborhood - even caught one wriggling under my side fence once though I'm really not sure what it found enticing in my back yard.

To add to Bunny madness, I got a pile of Merino-Angora (50/50 - can you say soft!) fiber - I won't call it roving, since it seems to be in semi-squashed batt form. I have about a pound of "Ecru" and two pounds of Silver-Grey color - I might blend the two as I spin them, to get a slightly tweedy yarn - I'm not decided yet though. I'm thinking of making a sweater out of it once the yarn is spun up, but I haven't quite decided yet as I hear angora is ridiculously warm.

Speaking of bunnies, have you ever seen an Angora rabbit in person? They are quite adorable - and rather funny looking after they've been harvested for their fur!

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