Thursday, July 27, 2006

Look! A pair of Stephanies!

My husband simply didn't understand when I told him I was spending the evening going to listen to a famous blogger. I can tell you that Stephanie is as funny in person as she is in writing, and wonderfully charming as well. It was a real treat to listen to her speak and get my books autographed. *sigh* I'm a knitting groupie. Tell me, how odd is that?

For those of you visiting from chez Harlot, and are wondering what on earth Bursage is, it's a fairly common sonoran desert plant with sagey gray-green leaves. As Stephanie rightly points out, we certainly do lack the typical jewel green hues here, but there are actually quite a few earthy & muted shades of green. It's these colors, along with others in the desert that tend to inspire my work.

Witness the Bursage batt inspired by the forenamed plant:

And this is what it looks like spun up... lovely green squashy merino in desert hues :D

If you'd like to bring some inspired-by-the desert wool (in wool or yarn form!) into your home, please do visit my shop :)


jennifer said...

look at how cute you look!

Kari said...

I linked over from yarn harlot. Very nice yarn that you have posted a picture of! :-)

Marianne said...

beautiful, delicious looking yarn!

Marianne said...

oh my gosh! I just checked out your shop, I'm drooling. You are a very clever woman with a good eye for colour. Love those greens and blues.

Bonnie said...

Having left the desert, I can say that your yarns do remind me of my former home. The colors are amazing.

Love the Yarn Harlot pic. I got lucky and will be seeing here when I am in the states later this year. How did you mange to look so composed in your picture?

Chris said...

You look great! The running must agree with you :)