Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Log Cabin Madness

Here is the next Project to be cast on...

Well, the yarn for it anyhow :) It will be a log cabin blankie when it's done. It's going to be a random one...the idea is courtesy of Cara. I realized a friend is expecting and I'll be visiting her in a few weeks. Granted, it's early in the pregnancy, but I thought it would be nice to arrive with gift in hand.

The problem is I only have 5 colors - and I really ought to have 6 so I can do the border in a different color so that no colors "touch" at least that's the ideal. I'm using random numbers from 1-18 because...well, 18 is a magic number, says Cara, and 18 is also the age at which the child will become an adult.

I've dug into my stash of Cotton Ease for this project, because I want easy care, but not too hot (the family lives someplace warm).

Suggestions on resolving my dilemma?


Stephanie said...

You could make the center square striped with rows of each of the colors. That way when you start the log rounds you will have enough colors so they don't touch.

illanna said...

Maybe you make the Moderne Baby Blanket from MDK instead? This only requires 4 colors. If you want to use 5 you can probably substitute based on the picture. I just did a search for a picture to link to, and the pattern showed up from Amazon: