Sunday, August 06, 2006

Back in Action!

Sorry for the hiatus, folks - I was off gawking at alpine wildflowers and enjoying the great outdoors while trying not to get too frustrated with the early days due to afternoon thundershowers (I'm not opposed to hiking in the rain - I am, however, opposed to getting zapped by lightening while ridge walking!)

I did get some knitting done while I was away - someone asked me what some of my handpainted yarn looks like when knitted up - well, on US size 1 needles and about 60 stitches (about 10-15 too few for a sock) it knits up nicely to form a cozy for my iced tea glass (I was tired of sweaty glass syndrome). Incidentally, the cozy fits over a soda can just as well, though it is a mite too long. This is Sylph fine fingering yarn, for those who are wondering.

As noted in the photo, the top portion is an example of how the chaparral colorway looks and the bottom bit is an example of how the spring is here colorway looks. Of course, it will stripe/pool a bit differently depending on your gauge, whether you are knitting flat or in the round, and how many stitches are in each of your rounds/rows - not to mention the natural slight variation found on individually handpainted skeins.

Anyhow, plenty of other knitting was done - and I've a few finished objects to show soon :) Hooray!


Creative Genius? said...

Sounds silly to say this I am sure... but you should submit this as a pattern for the next issue of quick gifts :-)

photogmichelle said...

the colorways look awesome. hey, I was listening to Lime and Violet podcast and they mentioned SpritelyGoods. They think you are from California though.