Sunday, July 23, 2006

16 pounds.

I'd *like* to say that I have managed to loose sixteen pounds courtesy of C25k and better eating, but sadly, it's not the case (though I have lost some weight). The heat and humidity are dooming me right now. Energy is low, and all I want to eat these days are cold sorbet. And smoothies. And ice cream. And running? On the dreadmill? Even with the little fans that are on the machines, I'm positively drenched in sweat within the first 5 minutes - and it seems to take my body somewhere between a half hour and 45 minutes before it calms back down and cools off.

Anyhow. Sixteen pounds. Ever wonder what sixteen pounds of yarn and fiber looks like?

Well...wonder no longer :) Sixteen pounds is all the yarn plus the fiber that isn't locked up inside rubbermaid containers.

Glorious close up shot? Why certainly :D the above are some new colorways and a shot of new yarn I've added to the collection. It's called Fey, another two ply fine-fingering weight to complement Sylph (fine fingering) and Sprite (Sport/DK). Incidentally, I have a list of yarns I'd like to add...and I've been going through different faerie and elven names to try to name them all. Big plans for the future I have ;)

By the way, yes, the shop is updated.

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