Wednesday, July 26, 2006


At long last, the monsoon storms appear to have arrived! Sadly when they decide to just blow, it stirs up lots and lots and lots of dust. Which brings me to a question for those of you who have woodworking shops - or know someone who has a woodworking shop. I'm now in the market for a dust collection device - I appear to be becoming more and more sensitive to small particulates. Not just from the random haboob (yes, haboob is a real word, and it's fun to say too!), but also from the carding. Moving the carding activities outdoors is not really possible.

Right now I'm ogling a beast of a dust collector hoping it will do the trick - either that, or I'll have to limit the batt making to the cooler months. No good getting into the fiber business only to have to leave again if it causes me to have health problems! I'm thinking since most of the particles being generated are very small and aren't abrasive, I don't need a multi-stage system. Though because the thing has to live with my carder, it can't be huge, and it can't be really noisy. Suggestions?

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Kathie said...

Hi Stephanie, you might want to check out - they carry a portable dust collector and are a great company to deal with (NAYY). Also, there's a book called "Woodshop Dust Control" on
Amazon that might be a big help in giving you options for your specific situation. The Lee Valley Link is
Good luck!