Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Respun and ready to go!

A while back, you may recall I was unspinning some singles that came with some roving I bought. Well, after a weekend at home with my spindles, I had a small pile of merino-angora "eggs" (that's what they looked like after I pulled em off the spindle shaft)...I took a few eggs, paired em up and respun them into some rather luxurious yarn :)

It was definitely labor intensive, because even with the unspinning, the merino/angora retained a little bit of twist, and with several strips paired together for drafting, it was a mite hard on the fingers (having to try to make sure that each strand was untwisted and drafting smoothly). I'm glad I paired the two colors together - it made for a nice tweedy look and the ultra soft ecru made up for the not as soft silver.

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Brooklyn Handspun said...

Hey it looks great! I like the grey heathery look a lot.