Monday, November 07, 2005

Cables in Triplicate

I've been cabling to the exclusion of all other activities lately, and I'm enjoying watching the braided bands churning off the needles (yes, those are three cable bands, and yes, they are all being knit at the same time. I'm impatient that way). I had cast on for Kepler, then realized that seaming the cable bands were going to be a smallish nightmare. They were all frogged back and were re-cast on using a looping provisional cast on (not recommended, the loops are rather floppy and untidy - I think a crochet cast on would come off much more uniform.) After four cable repeats, I kitchnered two of the bands together for the sleeves, and have carried on with the hip band....that one was Kitchnered by headlamp last night at about 1am.

I'm slowing coming to a horrifying realization that I might not have enough yarn for this sweater. The yardage on the yarn I am using is slightly different (though the gauge is the same) than the recommended yarn. I had 10 balls to start, and I've already used 5 (though it is fair to say I'm part way up the sleeves, and I've started on the body of the sweater). I had hoped to use this knit as a stash buster, and if I liked it, I have enough yarn in a different color to make another (incidentally I have more balls of yarn in the other color, but something possessed me to knit it up in this color first.) Though even knowing this, I'm determined to carry a slow motion knitting train wreck (the yarn in question is discontinued...did I forget to mention that?). While the cable bands look very defined up close, I think the tweediness of the yarn slightly interferes with them. Incidentally, I may have lucked out and found a source for some spare balls of yarn (though certainly they won't be of the same dye lot) - I'll have to call tomorrow to inquire after their inventory (they are closed Mondays).


Brooklyn Handspun said...

whoa look at all those cables! I've yet to try cabling but I am very intrigued, these look so nice.

Chris said...

Those cables are WAY HOT! I'm having the urge to make a short-sleeved version.