Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fruits of Fall

Back where I grew up, fall was the time of year when magnificent colors would fill the trees, there would be a certain brisk bite and scent in the air, and it would be a fine time in general for being outside.

Fall also brings to mind apple harvests. While I love all kinds of fruits, I yearn for apples of old, not those strangely perfect Washington Red Delicious - which beneath their fine appearance, these days anyway, are bland and often times mealy. A few years back, I discovered Braeburn apples, and they served me well as both eating and cooking apples (mmmm apple crisp!).

A few years back, I traveled back to my home state and stumbled across a magnificent apple - the Honeycrisp, a hybrid cross between a Macoun and a Honeygold - and originates from the University of Minnesota (go Gophers!) For a time, it seemed HoneyCrisps were available only in Minnesota for a brief period post harvest - every now and again, desperate for good apple eating, I'd mail order in a box of Honeycrisps. Accustomed to having to settle for boring and common apple varieties at my local grocery store, imagine my surprise when I found a whole display of Honeycrisps the other day! I've stocked up and both I and my refrigerator are happy indeed. Incidentally, the limited availability of these applies likely has something to do with the fact that they are patented.


Eva said...

Where did you find the HoneyCrisps?? I've been in love with them since a coworker brought some back from a trip up north.

Chris said...

Yes, I wonder as eva did, where can these magical apples be procured? I've never had one, but I'd love to try them!