Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Flappin' in the wind

mmm. Please ogle the detailed shot of Cozy's stitches as she lays in repose on my hopbush in the back yard.

Full details and what not on Cozy can be found here.

Rejoice! The ban on new knitting projects has been lifted! At long last, I have finished my longest UFO! In celebration, I've cast on for Kepler. It's lovely. It's cabley. And best of all, I've taught myself to cable without a cable needle...that's right, stitches, flapping in the breeze, flirtin with disaster! I could have it no other way. I was going to put an eye out messin with that cable needle nonsense...Stay tuned, you might get a preview of the cable bands soon - impatient me, I'm doin em all at once - Cable overload for me, and much fun for the cats, what with me juggling three yarn balls!


Stephanie said...

Hooray! Another knitter in the sisterhood of cable needle freedom! Isn't it awesome? :)

Anonymous said...

yes, all hail cabling w/o a cable needle!!