Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Every Sock Knitter Needs a Pair!

Have you *seen* such cool footwear?!
available Here! (no affiliation, photo from offering store)

Here I thought I was going to have to only wear my hand knit socks around the house if I wanted to be able to admire them properly....

I've still got plans to knit some of the more ornate socks from Anna Zilboorg's Socks for Sandals & Clogs - and having shoes like these would make it even more fun to knit em, as they could be displayed in all their glory!

Anyone try em? The soles do look a little thin for much walking - granted, this can be fixed by adding an insert, assuming the footbed isn't pre-molded.

Note to self: Add to Covet List :D

1 comment:

Brooklyn Handspun said...

Hey those are a good idea, although I don't know where I would wear them. I love handknit socks but I find I am always barefoot in my house!