Friday, January 02, 2009


Pools in the Grand Canyon, photo by my husband

2008 has gone and 2009 has arrived - and this year I find myself wondering where the time went so quickly. It flew past even faster than previous years!

The year started out with an appearance on the Stitch n Bitch calendar, followed by a feature in Spin addition to plenty of dyeing, blending and spinning. Spritely Goods marked another successful year, and can now be found at a LYS in addition to the Loopy Ewe. We celebrated the shop's success by donating generously again to our charities of choice. Especially enjoyable this year, I managed to squeeze in various yarn related field trips, meeting various knitterati along the way!

Knitting-wise, I didn't quite manage to get the steeking in this year - perhaps I'll manage in 2009 (venezia is still on the needles (and not much further along than in that blog post)). I was stumped by a few projects....but was quite successful with others. From knee high socks, fancily cabled socks/cuffs and a pair that had a pretty neat stitch pattern, mitts in various styles including cabled and lace varieties, a camera case, a blanket (which has been put to good use this winter), and even a sweater!

In addition to all the knitting, I read a bunch of books (have you discovered GoodReads yet?) - and reviewed quite a few too. I trained for and ran a half marathon (though unfortunately that milestone benched me for the rest of the year) and late in the year, I discovered Facebook and started the 365 Self portrait project.

On the home front, the husband and I celebrated our 10 yr anniversary this year :) While the time has flown by, it has been a pretty good year.

For 2009, I do hope to work more on that whole "everything in moderation" thing - along with working on improving my balance (both for the sake of my knee and my sanity ;) ) January promises to be exciting in more ways than one - but more on those things as they pass.

I do hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and new year celebration - I wish you all health and joy in 2009! Happy New Year!

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